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  • 13.1 - Career Awareness and Preparation
  • 13.2 - Career Acquisition
  • 13.3 - Career Retention and Advancement
  • 13.4 - Entrepeneurship


All 3 5 8 11


Gold Medal

GradeStrandDescriptionGold Medal
313.1Career Relay
313.1Classroom Bulletin Board: Pathways in Our Community
313.1Developing Posters About Community Helpers
313.1Exploring Careers in Our Community
313.1Getting to Know You
313.1Individuals' Changing Roles
313.1Individuals' Interests and Careers
313.1Male and Female Roles
313.1My First Job
313.1Personal Interests and Careers
313.1Portfolio Bulletin Board
313.1Preparing for Careers
313.1Skills For Success
313.1What Workers Do
313.2Composing a Personal Letter
313.2Practicing Good Speaking and Listening Skills
313.2Researching Jobs That Use Dogs
313.2What Can I Be
313.2Who Uses Math at Work?
313.2Writing a Personal Thank You Letter
313.3Attitude and Work Habit Plan Implementation
313.3Cooperating in the Home and School
313.3Using Money
313.4Defining Entrepreneurship
313.4Poster Development of Entrepreneurial Character Traits
313.4Presentation on Age-Appropriate Entrepreneurial Opportunities
513.1Bridges to Careers - Activity 2 - Job Skills
513.1Career Plan Components
513.1Interests, Abilities and Career Choices
513.1Investigating Career Choices
513.1Non-Traditional Occupations
513.1Occupations That Protect Us
513.1Portfolio Bulletin Board
513.1What Interests You?
513.2Comparing Business and Personal Letters
513.2Graphic Organizing of Essential Workplace Skills
513.2Reviewing Sources for Job Information
513.2Room Attendant for a Day
513.2What Training Do I Need?
513.2Whose Portfolio?
513.3Developing Personal Schedules
513.3Developing SCANS Skills for School, Home and the Workplace
513.4Little Entrepreneurs Take Flight: Business Plan Profile Development
813.1Advertising Your Business!
813.1Career Dream Day
813.1Career Portfolio: Using the PA Career Guide
813.1Check Your Portfolio for What Employers Desire
813.1Discovering Employment Opportunity Factors
813.1Employment Opportunities within the Community
813.1Local Employment-- Local Training Programs: How are They Related?
813.1Mapping Your Future
813.1Non-Traditional Occupations
813.1Relating School and Community Experiences to Career Preparation
813.1Tips for Communicating Effectively
813.1Where in the World Are You Headed?
813.2Job Acquisition Skills: Letter of Introduction, Resume, and Job Application
813.2Job Interview Skills: Application, Interview & Company Research
813.2The Real Game
813.2Using A Fire Extinguisher
813.4Business Plan Development
1113.1Analyzing Performance-Based Assessments Components
1113.1Be a Resume Critic
1113.1Changing Roles and Expanding Job Opportunities
1113.1Changing Roles at Home & In the Workforce
1113.1Considering Career Options
1113.1Fire Safety in the Workplace
1113.1Five Paragraph Essay Career Objective
1113.1Identifying Career Preparation Opportunities
1113.1Identifying Needed School-Based Career Awareness/Preparation Opportunities
1113.1Interview Role-Playing Activity
1113.1Justifying Career Choice
1113.1Justifying Student's Career Choice
1113.1Selecting a Career Pathway
1113.1Selecting Postsecondary Opportunities
1113.1Self-Evaluating Student's Career Plan
1113.2Alternative Occupational Choices
1113.2Applying Active Listening Skills
1113.2Applying Job Search Skills
1113.2Basic Oral Communication
1113.2Communication & Team Building Skills within a Project-Based Environment
1113.2Communication in a Diverse Workforce
1113.2Demonstrating Employability Skills
1113.2Demonstrating Positive Work Behaviors
1113.2Developing a Career Plan
1113.2Ethical Behavior in the Workplace
1113.2Getting a Job: Working Papers, Team Building, Job Application Documents, and Interview Behaviours
1113.2Problem Solving at Style City
1113.2Routes to The Future
1113.2Snap Shot Internship
1113.2Volunteers in Careers
1113.3Applying Group Process Techniques
1113.3Conflict Resolution in a Team Environment
1113.3Demonstrating Leadership Skills
1113.3Environmental Conservation and Safety
1113.3Occupational Safety and Health
1113.3Performing Work Tasks in a Team
1113.3Principles of Customer Service
1113.3Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
1113.3Safety and Health

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